Below are typical questions often raised by our new clients. If you have a specific question not addressed below, please feel free to email Shoshana Enosh: shoshana@micanainc.com

Q. What distinquishes your handwoven textiles?
A. We begin the entire process of weaving with the finest yarn available. Our yarn arrives in cones which is then skeined by hand, gently dyed in a custom bath, air dried and made available for our looms. Once our weavers have finished their task, the yardage is carefully checked for any discrepancies. We then process the yardage using a special, Micana process to ensure the hand of our textiles. Prior to shipping, we carefully check the yardage one more time before it is sent to the client or backer.

Q. Is it possible to custom match a color?
A. Yes, custom color matching is achievable with our custom, color dye mixing.

Q. What is your delivery time?
A. Generally speaking, we deliver within 6-8 weeks unless the matching of a custom color requires more strike offs.

Q. Is the special Micana process reliable?
A. Yes, we have been using the process for over 25 years with great success. It is something that we do to insure the softness and luxuriousness of our fabrics.

Q. Do your textiles need to be backed?
A. This is optional and left for the designer or client to decide.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment?
A. It is always best to call ahead first. We wouldn’t want to miss you if we need to step out! We are available to meet or speak with you, 5 days a week, from 9am to 5pm.